Trends in the Outdoor Power Supply

Trends in the Outdoor Power Supply

With the development of clean energy, solar panels have also been rapidly popularized. Solar panels can be combined with outdoor power to form a small clean energy storage system. During the day, solar energy can be used to generate electricity and stored in the outdoor power supply, and outdoor power can be used at night. Supply power to lamps, household appliances and other products, so as to realize the effective use of solar energy, and the whole process is pollution-free and zero-emission.

Speaking of solar panels, MPPT has to be mentioned. MPPT can track the maximum output voltage and current of the solar panel in real time according to the output volt-ampere curve and power curve of the solar panel, automatically adjust the output power of the solar panel, make full use of the output capacity of the solar panel, and charge the battery with the maximum power.

It is understood that at present, most outdoor power supply products have built-in buck-boost charging circuit and added MPPT function, which can support wide-voltage charging and can perfectly match solar panel charging.

It is worth mentioning that the latest 14th Five-Year Plan emphasizes promoting the energy revolution, building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and vigorously developing clean energy represented by new energy vehicles, wind energy, photovoltaics, and energy storage. . This undoubtedly pushes the outdoor power supply to the fast lane of development. Under the inclination of the policy, the future outdoor power supply industry chain will have more room for imagination.

It can be seen from this that high-power and large-capacity outdoor power supplies have become a must-have product line for almost every manufacturer; at the same time, in addition to the AC inverter output interface, most of these outdoor power supplies are also equipped with USB charging interfaces and The wireless charging function, especially the addition of the USB-C interface, can achieve 100W charging power with a single port, which can directly charge mobile phones, laptops, drones and other devices, which is very convenient.

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