Why Samsung S22 without a power adapter?

Why Samsung S22 without a power adapter?

On February 9, at the Samsung Galaxy S22 new product launch conference, Samsung announced that it has also joined this plan, canceling the distribution of electrical appliances on the S22 series of new products. Looking back on last year, Samsung S21 mobile phone has made a bold attempt to cancel the standard configuration of the charger, and practice the carbon peak and carbon-neutral corporate social responsibility.

Samsung has provided billions of devices to users around the world. In response to the concept of green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, Samsung launched the Galaxy For Planet program, which applies energy-saving technology to chargers, uses a smaller amount of materials on the packaging, and does not Redistribute the chargers to make the biggest impact with their massive global presence.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series consists of three models: S22 Ultra, S22+, and S22. Among them, the S22 Ultra is the super-large business flagship to replace the Note series, with a built-in unique S pen stylus. S22+ and S22 are normal upgrades of the original S series.

In recent years, Samsung has adjusted the product line of its flagship models. Originally, only the Galaxy Note series came standard with a stylus. This time we saw the change of the S22U, adding a stylus. However, the Samsung Galaxy series has also opened up a new product line, Fold, Flip folding screen.

Without power adapter

As can be seen from the remarks at the bottom of the official information pages of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, and S22, all S22 series of chargers need to be purchased by themselves, making the S22 series the first flagship mobile phone of the Snapdragon 8 mobile platform without a charger.

Samsung’s Chinese official website also explained in detail whether the Samsung Galaxy S22 series mobile phones are equipped with a charger. At present, because the mobile phone is in the first release stage, it is not ruled out that in order to attract consumers, the agent will give gifts of earphones and chargers separately. However, according to the charging head network, these behaviors are spontaneous promotions by agents and do not represent Samsung officials.

Taking the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as an example, the packaging box is made of a paper recyclable material similar to a shoebox, and the overall thickness is reduced by nearly half compared to the past. Samsung mobile phones need to be shipped to the world after being produced in the factory. Simply reducing the size of the packaging box can double the shipping capacity and reduce carbon emissions in the process of the sea, air, and land transportation.

 List of unpacked items, Samsung S22 Ultra only includes mobile phone body, Spen, data cable, card pins, Samsung S22 series cancels the standard charger, which is another global company after Apple to respond to low-carbon environmental protection by not delivering chargers idea.

Samsung Super Accelerated Charging Technology

Different mobile phone manufacturers will have their own unique understanding of fast charging technology. Some brands take the private protocol route for their own ecosystem, while Samsung’s super accelerated charging technology is developed based on the USB PD universal fast charging standard, based on PD3. With the support of 1 PPS voltage subset, the current and voltage are dynamically adjusted in real-time to achieve efficient and fast charging.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series mobile phones have passed the USB-IF certification, which is quite rare in Android flagship phones. According to Samsung’s Chinese official website, the 25W super accelerated charging of the Galaxy S22 and the 45W super accelerated charging of the Galaxy S22+ have been certified to meet the USB-IF standard. 

In this way, for consumers who have purchased Samsung Galaxy S22 series mobile phones, in addition to purchasing Samsung original chargers, third-party USB-IF-certified 25W and 45W chargers can also achieve the same speed charging experience and are compatible. Guaranteed.

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series has two fast-charging performance configurations, namely the S22 Ultra and S22+ that support 45W super accelerated charging, and the S22 that supports 25W super accelerated charging. According to the test of foreign media Gsmarena, although the power of Samsung 45W and 25W chargers is nearly doubled, the actual charging speed difference is not large. The charging power in 30 minutes is about 60%, and the 45W mainly short-term peak power will be larger. The charging power is close to 25W after a long time.

What kind of power adapter can the Samsung S22 series use?

Samsung is compatible with the USB PD universal fast charging standard, which makes the mobile phone have better compatibility. It is also Samsung’s decision not to distribute the charger. Universal fast-charging is more flexible in the selection of accessories. Continue to use old accessories, or purchase Third-party accessories will not affect the user experience.

Samsung mobile phone super accelerated charging technology relies on PPS voltage fine-tuning technology to achieve, handshake 11V voltage subset, and match the corresponding charging power according to the maximum current range of the charger 11V PPS voltage subset. At present, third-party accessories manufacturers on the market have launched a large number of USB PD fast chargers. After 2021, most of the chargers on the market are also developed based on the PD3.1 PPS version.

To put it simply, in order to obtain the 25W super accelerated charging effect, the charger needs to have a subset of PPS voltages above 11V2.75A. You can choose PD3.1 PPS chargers such as 30W and 33W. They generally have a 11V3A voltage range.

If you want to get the 45W super accelerated charging effect, you need the charger to have a subset of PPS voltages above 11V4A, most of the 100W PD3. Users are carefully screened.

Mobile phone accessories market has a growing trend

In terms of smartphone shipments in recent years, Samsung has ranked first in the global smartphone shipments for the past three years. Among them, 295.8 million units will be shipped in 2019, 256.6 million units will be shipped in 2020, and 272 million units will be shipped in 2021.

As Samsung’s annual flagship model, the cumulative shipments of Samsung Galaxy S22 series mobile phones in the life cycle are as high as tens of millions. Returning to the topic of mobile phone accessories sales, Samsung cancels the standard chargers and gives third-party mobile phone accessories brands, which will indirectly drive the sales growth of hundreds of millions of chargers, charging cables, car chargers, power banks, wireless chargers, and other peripheral accessories.

Apple and Samsung are currently using the universal fast charging standard, which is a good thing for both consumers and accessory manufacturers, and it is also more convenient for the healthy development of the surrounding ecology and full bloom. The launch of the S22 series also created a rigid demand in the third-party fast charging market, driving a new generation of 25W, 30W, 45W, and even 100W fast charging that supports high-current PPS. opportunity.

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