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We pride ourselves on being the premier supplier of consumer goods in the electronics industry. Our extensive range of products includes computer hardware, phone accessories, gifts, household supplies, and much more. As a fast-growing company established in 2016, we provide innovative and high-quality smartphone and laptop accessories to the worldwide market.

At GCC Electronic, we prioritize our clients and their satisfaction. We believe in putting our clients at the center of our business strategy, and we continually optimize our operations to provide a streamlined and focused customer experience. Our full in-house design team launches multiple products a year, and we strive to bring the most cutting-edge and relevant trends to the market. We specialize in cables, power banks, phone cases, wireless chargers, fans, gadgets, gifts, Bluetooth speakers, led beanies, backpacks, and high-quality brands.

As a technology-focused company, we have factories and R&D departments, and we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products to bring to the world. Our team is made up of young and talented individuals with a shared ambition to develop a well-established business that benefits our customers, suppliers, society, and colleagues. We are a people-centered company that values the input and opinions of our colleagues, and we trust our team and fully delegate responsibilities. We also share our profits with the team to promote a collaborative and supportive work environment.

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Certification certificate

All our products are strictly certified to guarantee the quality of the goods.

BCTC verification mouse


3D Wired Mouse

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Stereo Headphones

certificate of conformity usb charging cable


USB Charging Cable


Exhibitions are a special channel for you to get to know us.

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Welcome to GCC Electronic: Your Partner for Innovative Electronic Products

At GCC Electronic, we take pride in our strong foundation and a decade-long experience in the electronics industry. Led by the driven and talented individual, Helen Chen, we have been shaping the industry for the past six years since the establishment of GCC Electronic.

Initially, our focus was on trading and delivering quality products. However, as our team grew to include skilled designers and engineers, we gained the freedom to explore new horizons of innovation. This allowed us to expand our product range to include a wide variety of cutting-edge electronic devices and accessories. From mobile phone accessories and computer peripherals to home appliances, automotive components, and outdoor sports products, we cater to diverse categories.

We believe that great ideas deserve to be transformed into reality. If you have a vision for a unique electronic product, our dedicated team is here to collaborate with you and turn your ideas into tangible solutions. With our expertise in OEM manufacturing and a commitment to delivering excellence, we strive to bring your concepts to life and meet your specific requirements.

At GCC Electronic, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a customer-centric approach. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, customized electronic products that align with your vision and business needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the ever-evolving market demands, staying ahead of the curve and delivering exceptional solutions.

Explore our wide range of innovative electronic products, and discover how our expertise and dedication can bring your ideas to fruition. Contact us today and let us be your trusted partner in the world of electronics.

Together, let’s transform possibilities into realities.

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