Popular office supplies, hoping to provide inspiration for product selection

Popular office supplies, hoping to provide inspiration for product selection

One of the business opportunities that working from home brings to e-commerce businesses is the increase in demand for purchasing office supplies. In addition to the original office space, people are beginning to pursue creating a comfortable office space at home.

Statista data shows that in recent years, the proportion of employees working remotely has increased significantly globally, rising from 20% in 2020 to 28% in 2023; in 2023, large and medium-sized technology organizations around the world tend to require employees to work in the office three days a week sky. As the number of office spaces increases from 1 to 2, the demand for purchasing office supplies will naturally increase.

What popular office supplies and new and unique office products are available overseas? Let’s take a look~


Vertical multi-page document bag

The popular Desk Reference Organizer from Ultimate Office, priced at $59.89 on Amazon, has a rating of 4.6. In the office, document sorting and storage products have always been very popular. They help workers organize messy documents and information in an orderly manner. They not only keep the office desk tidy, but also help to quickly find information and improve Work efficiency.

Compared with conventional folders, the advantages of this vertical file bag are reflected in the following points:

The stand can be adjusted to 5 different angles, so you can get the best visual comfort whether you are sitting or standing for office work;

The pocket design makes it easier to put documents in. Opening the document bag by turning the pages and inserting documents is more convenient than the conventional way of inserting documents from one side;

The weighted base provides excellent stability, keeping it in place while placing and flipping through.

Since this type of organizing/storage supply is not consumables, consumers will not repurchase them in a short period just because they “run out”. They will only buy another one because they find it useful, or recommend it to their friends for repurchase. Therefore, merchants need to provide stable quality.


Anti-slip chair mat

The Anti Slip Desk Chair Mat is 55 inches long and 35 inches wide and is priced at $30.99 in black. From a small Amazon store with only 2 products, it once achieved 260 orders per day and monthly sales of 510,000 US dollars. In addition to solid colors, other brands also offer patterned styles. Chair cushions of similar styles and sizes sell for $14.05-26.83 on AliExpress.

People who do not have carpets in the office, need to use anti-slip chair mats in their daily work to prevent the chairs from sliding randomly and affecting the normal work themselves and others; for those who work from home, adding chair mats can reduce noise and protect the floor. Worn by rollers.

As can be seen from the product introduction, the anti-slip chair mat is essentially a carpet with adhesive backing, and 100% polyester fiber material. Its advantages can also be regarded as the advantages of conventional carpets, such as no pilling, machine washable, It can be cut into any shape, and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Because it has adhesive backing, the advantage that is emphasized is that the adhesive backing can be peeled off without leaving any residue, and re-pasting after tearing will not affect the stabilization effect. Referring to this idea, merchants selling carpets can also add the “anti-slip chair mat” label to expand a new sales scenario for small-size carpets.


Mini desktop vacuum cleaner

Mini Desktop Vacuum is one of TikTok’s popular office gadgets. Many people like to eat at their desks, especially foreigners who mostly eat bread and sandwiches, so crumbs are inevitable. Compared to wiping or sweeping with paper towels, a mini vacuum cleaner provides a more convenient and faster method of disposal.

It can be seen from the comments on the relevant video that many consumers who have purchased a mini desktop vacuum cleaner use it not only on their desks but also on coffee tables, dressing tables, and other desktops with fine dust, paper scraps, and other debris.


Desktop whiteboard

Many people engaged in creative work have the habit of writing and drawing by hand. Desktop Whiteboard is a product designed for this kind of people. The whiteboard can be used to write quick notes, ideas, and reminders. It has a drawer at the bottom that can store markers, whiteboard erasers, and small desktop miscellaneous items. It fits in the gap between the monitor and the keyboard.

The top comment on the related TikTok video said, “I bought this for work, and within a few days I had several coworkers come over to check it out. At least one of them had already purchased one, and several others said they planned to. I use It as a way to mark the two most important things I want to accomplish each day and prioritize them with a colored marker.”


Hidden drawer storage box

Whether you are working in a company or working from home, you may face the problem of insufficient storage space. The only way to expand storage space is to purchase desktop shelves or under-desk drawers. Among such products, the Hidden Drawer Storage Box can be said to be the most cost-effective and space-saving product.

Assembly is also very simple, just stick the partition to the back of your desk, put it in the drawer and it’s ready to use. Compared with the cabinet, although the storage space of this drawer is smaller, it is more flexible and makes it easier to quickly find the supplies you need. Merchants can focus on flexible pick-and-place methods when selling, which has the effect of placing multiple storage compartments in one cabinet.

Observation on popular office supplies, hoping to inspire product selection.

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