iPhone 14 Pro Release Date and Price – All Four Models Announced!

iPhone 14 Pro Release Date and Price – All Four Models Announced!

So all four models of the iPhone 14 have  practically been announced with this latest report  

the lineup for the iPhone 14 models is  going to be very different this year  

with some name changes and even some screen size  changes,

today let’s go over all these details and  also, give you the latest details on the iPhone 14  pro release date and price with specs as well now  

normally at this point, you hear me repeat half of  the last iphone 14 video at this stage if you’ve  

watched my videos before unless you’re new here  then everything is new anyway but I decided i’m  

switching things up a bit with these videos I’m now going to give you the latest on illegal report  

of a feature for the iphone 14 models and briefly  go over the iphone 14 release date and price as  

well however about once every three to four weeks I’m also going to give you a summary of how the  

iphone 14 models are shaping up in features just  like today’s video so with that let’s move on  

and can you believe it in around six months  time the new iPhones will be announced we will  

be getting the new iphone 14 models we have been  told through what those four models are going to be  

in this new set of reports that we’ve got we now  have the normal size 14 at 6.1 inches just like  

the iphone 14 pro very similar to like what we  have with the 13 and the 13 pro however the iphone  

14 mini is not going to be in the lineup this year  after sales of the 12 and 13 mini have not done as  

well in sales as Apple thought they would take a  look at this report here as you can see the iphone  

12 mini for example only took 5 of all the iphone  12 model sales it is sad to see that the 12 minion  

even the 13 mini is not getting many sales and  it is still a great iphone and i’m sure there’s  

a good number of you out there who are going  to miss having an option of a mini iphone with  

so much power and capability inside so what does  this mean to the iphone 14 lineup going forwards  

well a report from minchi quo is saying that in  2022 the mini will be dropped but he also says  

we’re expecting two iphone sizes for four models  with a 6.1 and 6.7 inch screens myself and a lot  

of other reporters believe that we will get the  normal iphone 4 team with a 6.1 inch display  

and also get the iphone 14 pro with that same 6.1  inch display size however what will be different  

is that we’ll be getting the iphone 14 pro max at  6.7 inches but we will also be getting a 6.7 inch  

normal iphone 14 and they believe and myself I also believe this will be called the iphone 14  

max the new model is likely to have the  exact same specs as the normal iphone 14  

but simply with a larger screen and battery inside  this is exactly like how we have the iphone 13 pro  

and the 13 pro max are the exact same specs  but we get a bigger battery and a bigger screen  

on the pro max model so next release date and  price but now is a good time then more than ever  

to mention that all reports and leaks that you are  seeing right here are not 100 proof that they will  

come true with the new iphone I can only present to you what reports or information that is out there  

now until the end of summer 2022 it is believed  that the iphone 14 pro and other iphone 14 models  

will be out at the end of september 2022. how do  we know that the release date is gonna be the end  

of september well let me just do a quick history  lesson of iphone releases so if we go back to  

the iphone 4s in 2011 this classic iphone came  out on october 14th that year then skip a year  

to 2012 with the iphone 5 it was september 21st  2012. then let’s skip a few years ahead of that  

2016 where it was the iphone 7 and the 7 plus  and the release year for that was september 16th  

in 2019 we saw the release of the iphone 10s on  september 21st and the 10r on october 26th and  

last year for example with the iphone 12 models  the release dates were october 23rd to november  

13th now mainly you can see release dates  have either been kind of mid-end september  

to kind of end october if there’s something  special coming out or something a bit different  

with the main exception of 2021 where it was a bit  unusual for the iphone 12 to come out a bit later  

but this was due to covid so we did have a release  on all the models however this year in 2021 we’re  

back on schedule with the iphone 13 and that’s  being released at the end of september with all  

four models having a date of their release of  september 24th so for 2022 apple be planning an  

event just before this happens however we’ll see  another event for other apple products like that  

macbooks ipads apple watch airports and loads  more other bits and pieces around that time  

and if you want more info about those products  do check out my other videos on this channel  

and make sure you hit the subscribe button and  notification bell to get the latest news on them  

so next of all is a sum of everything we know so  far including the prices of the iphone 14 models  

so first of all it’s the normal iphone 14 and this  is going to be now the base model so it comes in  

at a 6.1 inch oled display on it and it will have  a resolution of 2532 by 1170 and i’m afraid to say  

that refresh rate at the moment according  to leaks and rumors is staying at 60 hertz  

there’s no mention really of a 90 hertz or even  to get pro motion at 120 hertz also as you may  

have noticed in the picture here at the moment  as it stands the normal iphone 14 and also the  

14 max what you see in a second is going to have  a notch design but however underneath the hood  

we’re going to get six gigabytes of ram and we’re  gonna have storage options between 128 gigabytes  

all the way to 512 gigabytes then for the actual  chipset it’s going to be the brand new a16 bionic  

and that will feature four efficiency cores  and two performance cores and four gpu cores  

and this has been very much the same kind of  design ever since we got the a10 some years ago  

the actual body is actually gonna be made out of  an aluminium body this time and then on the rear  

we will actually get a dual camera setup with a  wide and ultra wide lens like we have so since the  

iphone 11. for the actual battery size we’ve been  told it’s going to stay the same as what we’ve got  

with the iphone 30 so that’ll be a 3095 milliamp  battery size but do remember the a16 will be more  

efficient so you should be able to squeeze a  tiny bit more battery life out of this phone  

that base model though will be the 128 gigabyte  model and it will be coming in at 799 us dollars  

next of all we have the iphone 14 max and really  the specs are very similar to the normal iphone 14  

the only main difference as you can see here  is that the actual display will be a 6.7  

inch display and that will be an oled panel  as well the resolution of this will be 2778 by  

and 1280 and again that will be a 60 hertz  refresh rate no 90 hertz or 120 hertz pro  

motion inside it though you’ll get six gigabytes  of ram 128 gigabytes all the way to 512 gigabytes  

storage options and i forgot to just quickly  mention as well it will still be a notch design  

but continuing with those specs underneath you’ll  get the a16 bionic and again that cpu exactly  

the same as the iphone 14 for efficiency cores  two performance cores and four gpu cores again  

aluminium body and again dual camera with that  wide and ultra wide but the battery inside it  

will be the same as the 14 pro max and that will  be a 4 352 milliamp battery size and in fact that  

is the same size battery as we got inside the  iphone 13 pro max the base model of this will  

be 128 gigabytes and it’ll be starting at 899  us dollars the next phone after this isn’t the  

pro world where we have the iphone 14 pro and this  will be a 6.1 inch oled display with a resolution  

of 2532 by 1170 and you’ll get that 120hz motion  display just like what we got in the iphone 13.  

one big change what you can see here in the  picture and a lot of leaks and rumors are saying  

is the notch will be dropped for the pro  models it’s likely we’re probably going to  

get like a hole punch or a pill design but it’s  not been confirmed exactly what this design will  

look like but we know it’s not going to be the  notch underneath the hood though we’re going to  

be getting eight gigabytes of ram and there’ll be  storage options between 128 gigabytes all the way  

up to one terabyte that a16 bionic again will  have four efficiency tools and two performance  

cores but the gpu core will actually have  five cores very similar to like what we got  

with the 13 pro and the 13 pro max the actual main  body this time is actually going to be made out of  

a titanium body and this is a first for apple  and this is going to be absolutely incredible  

and on the back we’re going to get a triple camera  setup just like what we’ve had ever since the  

iphone 11 but we will also get that lidar sensor  those camera setup will be a wide ultra wide and  

the telephoto lens on the back and again that  battery is going to be the same size as what we  

had with the iphone 13 and also the iphone 14  and that will be a 3095 milliamp battery size  

the base model of this is 128 gigabytes  and it’ll be coming in at 999 us dollars  

the final iphone to talk about is the iphone  14 pro max and this is the biggest one  

this one comes at six point seven eight inch  oled display with a resolution of 2778 by 1280  

and again that will have a 120 hertz pro motion  display just like the 14 pro again it will have  

that kind of pill or hole punch design just  like i mentioned with the iphone 14 pro  

but underneath the hood we’ll get eight gigabytes  of ram storage options between 128 gigabytes all  

the way up to one terabyte and then again  that a16 bionic with four efficiency cores  

two performance scores and again five core gpu to  be a little bit more special with the pro models  

again we’re gonna get that new titanium bottom  and then we’re gonna get that triple camera lens  

and the lidar sensor so i’ll just say again the  wide ultra wide and the telephoto probably again  

with a free time zoom and then that battery is the  same battery that we will be getting in the iphone  

14 max just like the one we got inside the 13 pro  max and that will be a 4 352 milliamp battery the  

base model of this is 128 gigabytes and it’ll be  coming in at 1099 usd so that is where we stand  

with the iphone 14 models and as time goes on more  features will be added to this list and then we  

will get a more complete picture but if you want  to get a more complete picture in the future and  

also get the latest details on leaks and reports  on all the videos for the iphone 14s


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