Dissecting the Report: Apple iPhone 15 Original USB-C Braided Data Cable

Dissecting the Report: Apple iPhone 15 Original USB-C Braided Data Cable


With the release of the Apple iPhone 15 series, all four new models have officially bid farewell to the longstanding Lightning interface in favor of the USB-C interface. This marks a significant shift in Apple’s product ecosystem. In this analysis, we will take a closer look at the data cable included in the iPhone 15 package. This cable measures approximately 1 meter in length and features a braided outer casing, designed for enhanced durability and a longer lifespan.

The USB-C end of this cable is labeled with the model number A2795 and supports USB 2.0 data transfer. Upon inspection, it’s evident that the cable does not contain an embedded E-Marker chip, meaning it supports 60W power transmission and functions similarly to standard USB-C cables. Join us as we dissect Apple’s USB-C data cable to examine the materials used and the craftsmanship behind it.

Previously, GCC has conducted teardowns of various Apple products, including the Apple 2m 240W USB-C Fast Charging Data Cable, Apple 3m Thunderbolt 4 Pro Data Cable, Apple 1.8m Thunderbolt 4 Pro Data Cable, Apple Original 2m Thunderbolt 3 Pro Data Cable, and Apple Thunderbolt 3 100W Cable. Feel free to explore those teardowns for more insights.

iPhone 15 USB-C Braided Data Cable Exterior

ChargerLab's Analysis: Apple's USB-C Data Cable for iPhone 15 Models

The data cable taken out of the iPhone 15 mobile phone box is tied with paper tape.

From Lightning to USB-C: The Transition in iPhone 15 Series

The cable’s entire length is white, but the braided design enhances its resistance to wear and tear, making it more durable and less prone to damage. In terms of external design, it matches the A2795 USB-C charging cable (1 meter) previously sold by Apple. Given this similarity, it’s reasonable to assume that the performance is likely to be the same.

USB 2.0 Data Transfer: What Lies Inside iPhone 15's Data Cable?

The wire ends at both ends of the data line are made of white plastic casing, with semi-circular arc surfaces on both sides and a bright surface.

E-Marker Chip or Not? Decoding iPhone 15's Data Cable Technology

The metal shell of the USB-C male connector has the product model A2795, place of origin (Vietnam) and serial number on one side. Sure enough, the model is also the same as the retail version.

60W Power Transmission: Understanding iPhone 15's Charging Capabilities

The internal pins of the USB-C male connector are gold-plated and not full of PIN design.

Braided Beauty: Examining the Exterior of iPhone 15's Data Cable

The connection between the thread body and the thread head is a classic tailless design.

The thread-bodied woven jacket is very tight and has a slightly hard surface feel. When knitting a coat, the fiber filaments are first twisted into one strand and then arranged and woven, so that the threads are not easily tangled, have good protection and are not prone to fluffing.

A Close Look at iPhone 15 Accessories: USB-C Data Cable Insights

It has been measured that the length of the USB-C braided charging cable that comes standard with the new Apple iPhone 15 is about 1 meter.

Mechanical Strength: How Stainless Steel Reinforces iPhone 15's Cable

The diameter of the wire body is 3.25mm. It is also a USB-C white braided cable. The body of this cable is much thinner than the Apple 2-meter 240W USB-C fast charging data cable A2794 that was disassembled by the charging head network not long ago.

Precision in Production: The Role of Laser Spot Welding in iPhone 15's Cable

In addition, the measured weight is about 19g.

Longevity Matters: Evaluating the Durability of iPhone 15's Data Cable

The first is the voltage drop test. This time, the ChargerLAB POWER-Z P240 multi-protocol bidirectional power supply was used to test the charging voltage and output voltage of the wires in different gears. The difference was calculated. The difference is the value of the voltage drop, and the The histogram is convenient for everyone to understand intuitively.

As can be seen from the histogram, the difference between the 5/9/12/15/20V1A gears is 0.19V, and the difference between the 5/9/12/15/20V3A gears is 0.58V.

Enhancing User Experience: How Braided Cables Prolong Lifespan

Test the maximum charging power of the cable. Use Apple’s original charger and cable to charge the MacBook Pro. The power is about 57.66W. It can be seen that the cable can only support maximum 20V3A 60W charging.

Exploring the Materials: What Makes iPhone 15's Data Cable Durable?

The last step is to test the data transmission performance. Connect the Apple USB-C charging cable to the laptop and hard drive box respectively, and use the Disk Speed Test on the computer to test the data transmission speed. The measured writing speed is about 41MB/s, and the reading speed is about 41MB/s. The speed is about 42.3MB/s, which complies with the USB2.0 data transmission standard.

Teardown Summary

The Apple iPhone 15’s included data cable bears the model number A2795, with a cable length of 1 meter and support for USB 2.0 data transfer. This data cable features a braided outer casing, addressing the common issue of traditional Lightning cables cracking or fraying, thus prolonging its lifespan and enhancing the user experience. Our testing confirmed that this cable supports only 60W power transmission and does not contain an embedded E-Marker chip.

The Future of Charging: Insights into Apple's iPhone 15 Data Cable

Upon disassembly, GCC discovered that the USB-C plug of this cable employs a plastic shell, with the internal USB-C connector securely affixed to the stainless steel casing using laser spot welding. This construction enhances the mechanical strength of the connector, ensuring durability. Although the internal connector features solder pads for an E-Marker chip, it was not populated during production.

Through this teardown, it became evident that the included cable lacks the aluminum foil shielding found in the retail version of the same model. However, it does not feature an embedded E-Marker chip. This suggests that Apple has not implemented encryption measures on this USB-C data cable, and it conforms to the standard USB-C cable specifications, ensuring compatibility for normal device charging.

As Apple transitions to USB-C for its latest iPhone models, this teardown provides valuable insights into the design and construction of the included USB-C data cable, shedding light on its capabilities and compatibility.

For more in-depth analysis and news on charging technologies and accessories, stay tuned to GCC.

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