A list of hot search terms in March, involving eight categories with the soaring popularity

A few days ago, E-commerce Nurse, an Amazon marketing consulting company, conducted a study on the relevant data of Amazon’s US station in March (March 6 to 12), and compiled a list of hot search terms in March, involving eight categories with soaring popularity.

infant products
There are rumors that a baby boom is coming, and the popularity of related search terms seems to confirm this. In March, baby (baby), baby registry search (baby registry search), and maternity dress (maternity dress) were among the top 200 hot searches. In fact, in February, these search terms were already squeezed into the TOP200 list. This shows that the search interest for baby products remains high.

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Kids Microphone with Bluetooth Speaker

Easter supplies
The exact date of Easter this year is April 17. To this end, during this time in March, people also start preparing holiday items, search interests like Easter basket stuffers, Easter basket, Easter decorations, etc. also rose.

BBQ supplies
As summer approaches, outdoor activities like barbecues are also on the agenda. Therefore, Patio furniture sets, outdoor lights, solar outdoor lights, outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs are also on the hotlist.

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travel goods
The “travel wind” is sweeping again. Search terms such as Backpack, luggage, travel accessories, compression socks for women, and crossbody bags for women were also popular.

game supplies
Bullet toy guns like Paintball and Nerf seem to have lost the attention of consumers, and now water polo toy guns have become people’s new favorites. Under this, splatter ball gun (splash ball gun) and gel blaster (gel shock wave) have become frequently searched words.

bathroom supplies
This month’s hot search keywords include shower curtain (shower curtain), bathroom decor (bathroom decoration), bathroom organizer (bathroom storage box), shower head (showerhead), bathroom rugs (bathroom carpet), makeup organizer (cosmetic storage box) ), laundry baskets, closet organizers and storage (storage boxes), blackout curtains (blackout curtains) and candles (candles).

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work out
Like workout sets for women, sports bras for women, Nike shoe men, Nike shoe women, Nike, yoga mat, water bottle(s) (water bottle), protein powder (protein powder), creatine (creatine), etc. are all popular words.

film and television
The most recent searches are Batman (Batman), Spongebob Squarepants (SpongeBob Squarepants), documentaries (documentaries), Encanto (Full House), Sing 2 (The Voice of Joy 2), war movies (war movies), Telugu movies 2022 (Telugu Movie 2022), Oculus quest 2 and Madea.

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