What is your purchasing plan for the holiday season?

What is your purchasing plan for the holiday season?

Recently, global influencer marketing platform LTK released its latest research report on shopping trends in the U.S. holiday season.

At present, American consumers are changing their holiday shopping plans in order to save money as concerns about inflation persist.

The holiday season will have a big discounts and promotions. No matter it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, consumers are always looking for ways to save when shopping for gifts. Compared to last year, 70% of consumers are looking for more deals and promotions to help them save money this year.

In order to maximize savings, there is a large wave of consumers shopping in advance. Data shows that 47% of consumers plan to start buying gifts from September to mid-October. Of those, 36% said they shopped earlier this year than last year.

When spending the holiday season, 96% of consumers plan to shop online, and 53% say they plan to do most of their shopping online. At the same time, 86% of consumers plan to use their mobile phones for holiday shopping. Of these, nearly half of millennials plan to do most of their shopping on their phones.

As more consumers turn to online shopping, bloggers on social platforms have an increasing influence on consumers. It currently has four times the reach of celebrity posts and ranks higher than social ads.

The shopping posts posted by bloggers on social platforms have received very high attention, thus driving the sales of stores on major platforms. According to statistics, 72% of consumers said they would buy products recommended by bloggers on social platforms. This figure is very high among millennials and Gen Z.

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In this year’s holiday shopping season, many categories of products will be in hot sales.

More than half of U.S. consumers this year plan to spend the same amount or more for the holiday season than last year, according to LTK research. Among them, 26% of consumers plan to buy clothing and accessories as gifts, 24% of consumers plan to buy candy, food and gift baskets, 23% of consumers plan to buy toys, and 21% of consumers plan to buy electronics product.

Many consumers are shopping for personal health products for themselves during the holiday season. According to statistics, 32% of consumers plan to buy beauty and personal care products, followed by electronics, candy/food, beer/wine/spirits.

Meanwhile, consumers are shopping for holiday-season family gatherings. According to LTK, candles, decorations and electronics will be the hottest items this holiday season.

While rising U.S. inflation has led consumers to adjust their shopping plans, instead of spending less, they turned to discounted items and placed early orders. Sellers operating in the U.S. market can seize the opportunity of the holiday season and arrange key products to meet consumer needs.

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