iPhone 15 Original USB-C Charging Cable

iPhone 15 Original USB-C Charging Cable Unveiled: New Craftsmanship and Design

iPhone 15 Original USB-C Charging Cable Unveiled: New Craftsmanship and Design

In anticipation of the iPhone 15 series release, the tail-end connector for the iPhone 15 series was exposed in mid-August. It has been confirmed that the iPhone 15 series is finally shedding the Lightning connector that has been in use for years in favor of the USB-C interface. A recent leak has unveiled the iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable, upgraded with a woven + silicone material, ensuring greater durability and flexibility. The cable length has also been extended to 1.5m, with multiple color options available. Read on for more details.


With just a month left until the iPhone 15 series launch, the tech world is excitedly buzzing. The recent reveal of the tail-end connector for the iPhone 15 series has confirmed the switch from the familiar Lightning interface to the more versatile USB-C interface. Adding to the excitement, a new leak has unveiled the iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable. This new cable promises enhanced durability, flexibility, and style.

A Glimpse of the New Design

The iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable has been captured in the lens of notable tech blogger KosutamiSan, showcasing a sturdier build with a woven exterior and a silicone interior. The leaked images also glimpse the cable’s contact points, hinting at the potential for high-speed specifications.

Evolution of Material Craftsmanship

The journey of Apple’s original data cables has seen multiple material transformations. Starting with the initial cables’ rigid and less flexible PVC outer casing, the design eventually evolved to incorporate TPU material, which offered improved flexibility and reduced damage rates. For the iPhone 15 series, Apple has again taken the material quality to the next level, using even more pliable silicone for the inner layer and a woven exterior for increased durability.

Enhanced Weaving and Silicone Material

The iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable showcases meticulous craftsmanship, evident in the images leaked by KosutamiSan. While the cable is shown in its developmental testing phase within a corrugated cardboard box, it’s still undergoing design validation and testing.

Focus on Connector Details

The connector head of the iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable features a plastic casing with a glossy finish. The metal components of the connector are formed through a more durable one-piece molding process. The cable extends further from the connector, providing better protection against bending fatigue during use.

Advanced Weaving Technique

Unlike most cables’ traditional straight-thread weaving technique, the iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable features a braided pattern achieved through a twisted-thread hybrid technique. This enhances the cable’s resistance against wear and tear and prevents fraying.

The Colors of Compatibility

The iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable comes in various color options, including black, white, yellow, orange, and blue. These colors are likely coordinated with the corresponding iPhone models.

Improved Cable Management

The new cable also introduces a change in winding technique, transitioning from circular card wrapping to oval-shaped winding, allowing for better management and organization. Moreover, the cable length has been extended to 1.5m, offering more flexibility in usage.

Notable Connector Design

The internal connector design of the iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable features non-full-pin contact points, indicating that the cable supports low-speed specifications. It operates on the D+D- channel and USB 2.0 (480Mbps) speed, indicating its purpose for charging and general data transfer.

USB-C as a Universal Standard

With the EU’s recent legislation, the USB-C interface is set to become the universal charging standard for small electronic devices by the end of 2024. This standardization is poised to impact a wide range of portable consumer electronic products, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Third-Party Accessory Compatibility

While it remains uncertain whether the iPhone 15 series will be fully compatible with third-party USB-C data cables, the shift towards the USB-C standard suggests a positive trend. The EU’s push for a standardized charging interface might influence Apple’s approach toward third-party accessory compatibility.

Embracing the USB-C Ecosystem

The shift to USB-C is a win for the third-party accessory market. USB-C’s open nature eliminates the need for MFi certification, meaning third-party manufacturers can now produce cost-effective accessories without the added certification expenses.

A New Era of Compatibility

The embrace of USB-C by the iPhone 15 series brings forth a new era of compatibility. Users no longer need to juggle multiple cable types for various devices. Unifying USB-C across devices will declutter our lives and contribute to a more streamlined and cost-effective tech ecosystem.

In conclusion, the leaked information about the iPhone 15 original USB-C data cable suggests a significant shift in Apple’s approach to connector standards. With improved material quality, design, and extended length, the new cable promises to enhance the user experience. As the tech world prepares for the iPhone 15 series launch, the shift to USB-C ushers in a new era of compatibility and convenience for consumers and the accessory market.

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