How to seize this opportunities of 2022 the new consumption era is coming?

How to seize this opportunities of 2022 the new consumption era is coming?

As the consumer sector is undergoing tremendous changes, how do we seize this wave of opportunities

The consumer sector is undergoing tremendous changes. And these changes, right under our noses, have spawned a large number of new species.

In 2022, consumption must contain huge opportunities.  Where is this opportunity?  How to catch it?

It is to do these three things: new models, new channels, and new brands.

Among them, there are many interesting content about the new channel, which cannot be developed due to the length of the speech.

Let’s start with more details now.

1. Do you know which platform I am shopping on now?

It’s Tik Tok.

This may be related to my work. Due to jet lag, I basically sleep late every day.

Before going to bed at night, I felt a hard day and decided to watch Tik Tok with 20 minutes. In the blink of an eye, 2 hours passed .

Then, I caught a person eating bibimbap sauce. I don’t know how he can eat so deliciously.

Suddenly, I was hungry. Then, couldn’t help but place an order.

That is why I can receive several express parcels every day.

Sometimes, I don’t remember that I bought these. But at that moment, I was really moved.

I think I am a very rational person.

But why is it so easily affected?

Because the “basis” that affects our consumption decision has been upgraded, and we have not yet upgraded.

The only basis that affects our consumption decision is: information.

This suit is blue. This is information. Feel it, cashmere, I like it. This is also information. Looking through the price tag, can you afford it? It’s okay and can bear it. This is still information. Waiter, try one of my numbers. It fits well. This is still information.

You decide to buy or not to buy based on all the “information” you have obtained.

2. Information dissemination on the Internet has experienced three eras:

The age of text, the age of pictures, the age of video.

In the beginning, when the internet speed was not fast, we mainly relied on text to convey information.

However, the information density of the text is very low, and some complicated things are not clear.

So, at the beginning, we could only sell simple things online.

Such as books. What kind of information do you need to decide whether to buy or not to buy a book? The title of the book? Author ? Contents ? Add one more cover at most, that’s enough.

Later, the internet speed increased.

We can send photos. Also high-definition.

The information density of photos is much higher. So, at this time, we can sell clothes online. Wow, this shirt looks great on that model. The temperament and the feeling are probably not bad when worn on me.

The temperament, feeling, amount of information, and text that photos can convey cannot be achieved.

Later, the internet speed was even faster.

We can use our mobile phones to watch videos anytime and anywhere, and we can watch live broadcasts.

At this time, the density of information we can transmit on the Internet is even higher.

You want to make it clear that my sofa is very strong, and a 200-jin fat man hopped around on it, and it was all right. How to make it clear?

Then find a fat man with a weight of 100kg to jump. Then make a video. It’s like that bibimbap sauce.

This amount of information, words and pictures, can never be given.

From textpicturevideo, the ways in which “information” is delivered are becoming more and more diverse, and the feelings and details delivered to consumers are becoming more and more abundant.

Therefore, the new channel can use “short video + live broadcast” to resell all products.

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3. Let me give you an example.

Liu, a master of law at Peking University, is known to everyone. It started when she participated in the “Super Speaker” program and won the championship of the second season.

After graduation, she started her own business. The main business now is to sell books live.

How are you doing?

First, “books sold for 100 million yuan in five months”, and then on September 27 this year, a live broadcast of the “100 million yuan special” was launched.

The sales of this live broadcast was nearly 100 million yuan, and it was known as “calling half of the Chinese publishing house.”

How did you do that?

First of all, of course it is a low price, a very low price. “Booming books broke the double eleven price”, “500,000 books broke the price below 10 yuan”, “100,000 books 1 yuan book”, and so on.

Secondly, 90% of the products sold in this live broadcast are children’s books.

Liu said before the broadcast: “The short video traffic of the book category is low, and only some products reach the extreme prices to attract people.”

Is there any profit to sell books like this?

As we have said before, a book has to go through 4 steps from finishing writing to selling to consumers:

Author, publisher, printing house, bookstore.

Each link has to pay a cost in order to obtain revenue.

Such a transaction structure is traditional and inefficient.

So when the Internet rushed in, it directly impacted or even hit this traditional model.

Mini Magic wand Personal Humidifier for Car Bedroom Ofiice Portable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidification MH54, e-books, and access to knowledge service platforms are more efficient and cost-effective, and target each link in a “one-to-one” attack.

Books are getting harder and harder to sell…

Until the emergence of the form of “book selling on live broadcast”, “book selling” has become a new opportunity.

Not only Liu, but many people are selling books live today, Fan is selling books, Li is selling books, Yang is selling books, Yu is selling books… as well!

Why? How does this business work?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the important reasons that live broadcast books can sell well is that they are cheap.For example, the price on Tik Tok is generally 50% off.

What is the concept of 50% off?

As an author, if you want to buy a book written by yourself from a publishing house, you will get a 40% discount or a 5.5% discount for the book. Authors with very strong negotiation skills can get 50% off.

Since the price is 50% off, how much do the Tik Tok anchors get the book?

I asked some friends from the publishing house, and the price is generally 3.5% off.

Oh my god, it’s a 3.5% discount, which is almost completely giving up the publishing house’s profit margins.

Because the price of a book is 50% off, the publisher pays about 10% of the author’s royalty, 10% of the book’s distribution cost, and 15% of the printing cost for the remaining 50%.

There is only about 15% of the money left to the publisher. Now this 15% is given to the anchor.

It’s almost done at no cost, why would a publishing house be willing to do this?

1) Live broadcast will bring more dissemination. In the live broadcast room, a book may gain more exposure, and the publisher may also have a higher reputation.

2) Clear inventory. For example, in Liu’s 100 million yuan special sales session, the supplier of “1 Yuan Book”, 21st Century Publishing Group. At that time, their book “Forest News” was originally planned to be a spike of 9.9 yuan, but it was temporarily changed to a spike of 1 yuan during the live broadcast.

The publisher is willing to bear the difference because the “Forest News” that was sold that day was the 2010 version, which has been lying in the warehouse for 10 years, and the new version is already on the market. Need to clear inventory.

Books are actually a good selling category.

Because it is a standard product, after-sales problems are relatively small.

No matter how the industry changes, as long as you find suitable new channels, you will have new opportunities.

Today’s “live broadcast” method is a good “new channel” for selling books.

4. Why not use the “short video + live broadcast” method to resell all products as soon as possible.

Even the product manual.

Once, I bought a “flower box” on the e-commerce platform. I plan to grow some green onions or something. After receiving the goods, it will not be loaded. The customer service handed me a video link.

Now, even the manual is no longer needed.

Many years ago, I chatted with the former vice president of Microsoft Greater China, Zeng Liang. Talk about the judgment of the future.

He said that he predicted that in the future, more than 80% of the data traffic on the Internet will be videos.

I didn’t believe it at the time. I believe it today.

Moreover, today I feel more and more that video may be the ultimate media form of the “classic Internet”.


People have five senses.

Hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell.

Taste, smell, and touch will not be available online in a short period of time.

In the age of meta universe, maybe it can.

What is metaverse?

The root of the word meta can be translated into “yuan” or “super”.

The meta-verse is not a universe about the universe, but a universe beyond reality.

This means that because of the development of VR/AR/MR technology, we have a virtual universe outside the real universe. The virtual universe “extends”, or “surpasses” the real universe, which is the “super universe”.

“Super universe” is a more accurate translation. But today everyone calls it “Meta Universe”, so we still call it “Meta Universe”.

The extension of the meta universe regarding the senses, the future scenario may be:

Each of us wears VR glasses, tactile gloves, and tactile tights to surf the Internet.

You want to make a suit, feel this fabric, pure cashmere. It’s soft and comfortable. Try it on. How, is it warm?

Because at least the sense of touch is increased, the real feeling is greatly improved.

But today, in the world of “classic Internet”, it still doesn’t work.

The classic Internet can only load information on auditory signals and visual signals. Today, all the sensory experiences that we can deliver on the Internet are very rich, but in fact there are only two types: sight and hearing.

And hearing + vision is video.

This video can be 3D video or VR video, but it is all video, and it can only be video.

Therefore, video may be the ultimate media form of the “classic Internet”.

Until the meta universe appeared.

Summarized as follows

2022, the new consumption era is coming.

How to seize this wave of opportunities?

Remember: new models, new channels, new brands.

The new model is to switch the model, from a brand agent to a user spokesperson;

In the new channel, use the “short video + live broadcast” method as soon as possible to resell all products;

The foundation of a brand is trust. The same is true for new brands.

In the past two years, everyone can clearly feel the rise of domestic products, because we Chinese people are trusting us Chinese ourselves more and more. This confidence continues to spill over to many Chinese brands.

With a strong foundation of “trust”, now is a great time to establish a new brand.

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