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How to choose the right aroma diffuser base on your needs ?

How to choose the right aroma diffuser base on your needs ?

With the continuous improvement of the living standards, people have high demand for comfort and enjoyment in their life. They are all pursuing small objects that can enhance happiness. Imagine a cup of coffee and a scent of fragrance. Whether you are studying or entertaining, bathing in the fragrance, make you more relaxed. After a day’s tiredness, people will fall in love with this comfortable and fragrance. Therefore, more and more people are pursuing a high-quality life, and the aromatherapy machine came into their life. Now I am obliged to take everyone to understand the aromatherapy machine and bring this comfort and pursuit of a better life to more people. Let us discuss how to choose a right aroma diffuser? Let’s look at a summary first, which will be clearly for you!

Aroma Diffuser

Table of Contents

1. The benefits of aroma diffuser

1. 1 Purify the air

The aromatherapy machine can produce a large number of the same negative ions that exist in nature such as forests and waterfalls, and the generated ozone uses the broad-spectrum antibacterial ability of ozone to effectively kill many toxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen oxides, and eliminate various odors and smoke. Play the role of reducing harmful gases and purifying the air.

1.2 Humid air

Some aromatherapy machines have humidification function, which can increase the moisture in the indoor air while creating fragrance, so that the dry environment can be improved, and the human body feels more comfortable.

1.3 Refreshing

When watching meetings in the office for a long time or studying and working alone at home, the faint fragrance of the aroma diffuser can provide a subtle experience of concentration.

1.4 Improve sleep quality

After a tiring day of work and study, lighting up the fragrance and smelling the fragrance will make the body and mind more relaxed and comfortable, which is more conducive to falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep.

1.5 Relieve fatigue

Do yoga and some exercise stretching at home, or take a hot bath in the bathtub, smell the unique fragrance of the aromatherapy machine, purify the soul, and be happy, which can take away part of the physical and mental fatigue.

1.6 Long-term use will have certain benefits for our body

2. The difference between aroma diffuser and humidifier

Many people confuse aroma diffusers and humidifiers, but they are quite different.

I simply made a picture to tell you clearly from the five points of the added substance, function, material, amount of fog, and vibration technology.


Humidifier: Focus on adjusting the air humidity, the function is simple & single. Suitable for dry areas and people who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, it is indeed a small artifact for skin health and body comfort.

Aroma diffuser:

There are many functions, includes aromatherapy, humidifier, night light, speaker.  The essential oils diffuser is good for alleviating fatigue, boosting sleep, and purifying the air. It is useful for us. Aromatherapy is indeed a good choice for fashion people to pursue a high-grade lifestyle!

3. The types of the aroma diffuser

3.1 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser:

It is the combination of pure plant essential oil + purified water that I mentioned above. While making various aromatherapy through essential oil, it can also humidify the space.

3.2 Essential Diffuser:

In fact, it is a kind of aroma diffuser. The difference from the above one is that this one does not add water. Pour the essential oil directly into the machine, adjust the required concentration, and the fragrance will be emitted. No moisturizing effect


The difference between aroma diffuser and diffuser lies in the usage scenarios. Aroma diffusers are mostly used in homes or small spaces, and diffusers are mostly used in scenes with larger spaces in public places, such as beauty salons, hotels, and 4S shops.

3.3 Car aroma diffuser:

Small objects placed in the car to enhance the happiness of driving. It is one of the scenes where the aroma diffuser is used.

4. Guide to selecting aroma diffusers

4.1 Material comparison

Because pure plant essential oils are corrosive, the inner liner is mostly made of PP, which is the same as the nipple, which is resistant to oil, water, and chemical corrosion. The shell material can choose ceramic, aluminum alloy or ABS material, because the aroma diffusers of these materials are more heat-resistant and take a long time.

4.2 Capacity comparison

The larger the capacity, the better, and the more water you hold, indicating that the aroma diffuser will use for a long time and it will not be easy to boil it dry. However, many aroma diffusers are now equipped with anti-drying protection, so there is no need to worry.

4.3 Safety performance

Anti-burning protection and automatic power-off function both can improve the safety of the aroma diffuser.

4.4 Noise comparison

I don’t think I need to say more about the noise, the aroma diffuser itself is meant to help sleep, and the noise may destroy the atmosphere!

4.5 Function and performance comparison

  • The timer function can be turned off at any time when you are asleep.
  • There is a night light, the best gear can be adjusted
  • With the function of a music player, enjoy the effect of music and sound while scenting
  • With the effect of a humidifier, the throat is not dry

4.6 Outside Design comparison

The aroma diffuser is aim to improve your quality life, with a small romantic and small sentiment, so many people will focus on the design, choose what you feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty one.

4.7 Matching essential oils

The choice of essential oils is also very important. Different types of essential oils have different effects, and different flavors will have different enjoyment.

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