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Trading company or Factory? What is your choice? Tell us why?

Trading company or Factory? What is your choice? Tell us why?

B: Are you a trading company or a factory? Why do you prefer to work with them?

A: Mike, do you have any questions about our company after our brief introduction?

B: Are you a trading company or a factory?

A: Do you like to do business with a trading company or factory?

B: I prefer the factory.

A: Why?

B: Because factory price is good, trading company price is always high.

A: Well, most customers think in this way, actually it depends. Some trading companies buy many goods from factories and can get very good support and very good price. Also, the trading companies can find similar products at a much lower price than that factory. It can also save your cost and time.

B: OK.

A: Moreover, the price also includes excellent service, it can save you much more time.

You know, time is money,  you will have more leisure time for your life with family with friends, or you can put more of your time and energy to sell more goods and making more money. 

B: For me, a factory is very easy to control, the factory can give me direct results. Last year I did business with a trading company, they always reply to me very slowly, and is not powerful enough to make sure the delivery date. 

A: Sorry to hear you met that kind of trading company. Besides price, what you worry about are, suitable products, delivery service, quality, and reliability, right?

B: Right.

A: Good trading company has a strong network of suppliers, includes a whole supply chain up and down, know more about the market and products, and can choose more suitable products for your market, it can help you increase your business very fast. 

What is more, a good and responsible trading company can push the delivery date for you, and report to you goods status regularly, also they will follow up every step and process to make sure the quality, including QC job, then you don’t need to worry about the goods from time to time.

B: That is true.

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