The opponent who has played against the iPhone for 10 years is now gone!

The opponent who has played against the iPhone for 10 years is now gone!

Samsung Note series will officially withdraw from the stage of history, who will be discontinued by the end of 2021.

Seeing this news made me feel that a mobile phone era is about to pass.

I reviewed the Samsung Note series carefully. It was a process of self-determination.

The first-generation Samsung Note series was the originator of the mountain, and directly opened the era of large-screen mobile phones with a 5.3-inch screen.

Judging from the current point of view, the original Note is commendable with courage and has created a new era with one’s own strength.

Because the iPhone 4s, the most popular at the time, had a screen size of only 3.5 inches, and Jobs, who was regarded as a myth, also said a classic saying:

3.5 inches is the best size for mobile phones.

One can imagine how much pressure the original Note series faced.

I didn’t know that Samsung launched a large-screen mobile phone. At that time, the mood was geometric, but it opened up another development path for Android phones that was different from the iPhone, so that the later iPhone also followed the road of this large-screen mobile phone.

History should give the original Note a monument to warn latecomers and learn to be humble.

It stands to reason that the originator of the mountain should be highly respected.

In fact, the same is true. Since then, each generation of Note series is very popular and is the absolute benchmark for Android phones.

Especially in Samsung Note 5 ushered in the highlight moment.

In 2015, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 810, which made all Android phone manufacturers frightened, pitting a large number of Android phone manufacturers.

Only four mobile phone manufacturers survived that year, one is Apple, one is Huawei, one is Meizu and the other is Samsung.

With the advantage of self-developed processors, Apple and Huawei escaped this catastrophe, and so did Samsung. With Orion 7420, it became a clear stream in the Android mobile phone camp, and Meizu’s flagship Pro 5 at the time also caught up with this. Clear stream.

Coupled with Samsung’s long-standing high-quality screens and optimized camera effects, it can be said that the Samsung Note 5 that year saved a bit of face for Android phones.

Until Samsung Note 7, the established reputation was instantly ruined.

Everyone is very clear about the matter. The Samsung Note 7 exploded due to battery problems.

As the mobile phone manufacturer with the largest market share in the global mobile phone market, Samsung has also responded quickly and quickly recalled Note 7 in the world, except for the Chinese market.

This is a bit unreasonable. You have to know that in 2015, Samsung’s domestic market share was still the top five.

As for why there is no recall, Samsung’s official reason is that the Note 7 in the Chinese market has no problem with the battery.

But under the frequent explosions, this reason obviously cannot convince users that no one wants to carry a mobile phone that can explode at any time.

Later, the Samsung Note 7 in the Chinese market also experienced a natural explosion.

What’s more, the new mobile phone that took only 13 hours exploded, and by the way, a computer was “injured”.

After that, Samsung was only sentenced to compensate the burned computer.

Although Samsung later recalled the Note 7 in the Chinese market under pressure from public opinion, the hat of “differentiating” the Chinese market cannot be washed away.

In 2016, Samsung’s mobile phone market share fell out of the top five in the domestic market. Today, Samsung’s mobile phones have been unable to make waves in the country.

In addition to its own death, the Samsung Note series has also become obscure. The latest Samsung Note 20 is directly a replica of the Samsung S20, and the iconic S-Pen was also placed on this year’s S21 Ultra. .

The large screen is no longer exclusive to the Note series, even Samsung’s own folding screen Z Fold series, the screen is larger than the Note series, and more portable.

Today, it seems that the Note series does not need to exist. In terms of experience, the Samsung S series and the Note series can’t make a difference. In terms of large screens, there are folding screens with more advanced concepts.

The dark horse still feels sorry for the fall of the Samsung Note series. It was born in 2011, and it has been ten years since it was born. As the absolute machine king of Android, it can even compete with the iPhone in terms of product power. It was once the only rival of the iPhone in high-end mobile phones.

Now that it has fallen into this field, Samsung is taking the blame, and it also warns the current mobile phone manufacturers that this market will be replaced without innovation.

The more profound lesson is not to treat users as fools.

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