360° Rotatable Universal adjustable Notebook angle Laptop Lifting Bracket Stand Holder for Tablet

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Original Factory 360-degree rotating portable laptop stand aluminum



360° Rotatable Universal adjustable Notebook angle Laptop Lifting Bracket Stand Holder for Tablet

Net weight:1.25kg
Box size:11*110.1*1.9cm
Weigh with box:2.75kg
12 unit /CTN, Carton size: 58*29.3*27.3 cm,
Net Weight: 18KG/CTN

There are three versions for your options:
1.360 rotation
2.360 rotation+height adjustable
3.60 rotation+height adjustable+angle adjustable
Different versions have different prices, so please contact us before you order. Thanks


Why do you need a laptop stand? If you have problems with phubber, Spinal Pain, Notebook Fever ..etc
These problems can be solved when you own our 360-rotation universal Lifting Bracket Stand Holder for tablets. Open office with new posture now.
Please advise which version you prefer to try, so here we offer the match price to you.

[Great Working Station] The laptop stand elevates your screen to your eye level. With an extra keyboard, your laptop will work as great as a desktop computer.e With an extra keyboard, your laptop will work as great as a desktop computer.

[Wide Compatibility] The laptop stand fits all tablets and laptops up to 17.’’

[Ergonomic Design] The stand works as a raiser to elevate the laptop screen to your eye level, fixes your posture, and frees you from back/neck stiffness. The axis connecting with the base is 360 rotatable, enabling you to swivel the laptop to any angle you want.

[Stable & Protective] Made of premium alloy, the stand is quite sturdy and has a smooth edge that protects you from being scratched. With rubber pads on the top surface and front lip, hold your laptop stable in place and not worry about any scuffs on your pretty notebooks.

[Keep the Laptop Cool] The rubber pads raise your laptop, enable the heat to vent, and keep the computer from overheating. Your laptop will also look cool on the stand 🙂

Introduction: Welcome to the versatile and ergonomic computing world with our 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder. This innovative stand enhances your laptop and tablet experience, offering a customizable and comfortable viewing angle. With its 360° rotatable design and adjustable height, this stand is the perfect companion for work, study, or leisure. Let’s explore this remarkable product’s features and benefits that promise to elevate your productivity and convenience.

1. What is the 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder? The 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder is a premium-quality accessory that provides sturdy support for laptops and tablets. Engineered with precision and practicality in mind, this stand allows users to adjust the height and viewing angle, creating an ergonomic setup that reduces strain on the neck, back, and eyes.

2. Key Features: a. 360° Rotatable Design: Enjoy the freedom to rotate your laptop or tablet 360 degrees, effortlessly switching between portrait and landscape modes. This feature enables seamless collaboration and sharing with colleagues or friends.

b. Height Adjustable: Customize the height of the stand to find the most comfortable and ergonomic position for your laptop or tablet. Say goodbye to uncomfortable hunching or straining during extended work or study sessions.

c. Universal Compatibility: The stand is designed to accommodate a wide range of laptops and tablets, making it a versatile accessory for different devices. It provides a secure fit for various sizes and brands.

d. Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality materials, this stand offers excellent stability and durability. It provides a reliable platform for your laptop or tablet, ensuring it stays in place during use.

e. Enhanced Airflow: The open design of the stand promotes better airflow around your laptop, helping to prevent overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

3. How to Use the 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder? Using the stand is straightforward and intuitive. Place your laptop or tablet on the stand’s top surface, ensuring it rests securely in the adjustable grips. Adjust the height and angle to achieve the most comfortable viewing position. Rotate the device effortlessly to switch between portrait and landscape modes.

4. Who is the 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder for? This stand is ideal for:

  • Professionals who spend extended hours working on their laptops need an ergonomic solution to improve posture and reduce strain.
  • Students who want a versatile stand to adjust their tablets or laptops during study sessions or online classes.
  • Anyone seeking a convenient and flexible stand to enhance their laptop or tablet experience for leisure and entertainment.

Conclusion: Invest in your comfort and productivity with the 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder. Enjoy the freedom to rotate and customize the height of your laptop or tablet, promoting better posture and reducing discomfort. This stand’s universal compatibility ensures that it accommodates a wide range of devices, making it a valuable addition to your workspace or study area. Embrace the advantages of an ergonomic setup and elevate your computing experience with our 360° Rotatable Universal Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder. Experience comfort, convenience, and enhanced productivity like never before.




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