Very User-friendly Design–Adjustable Brightness and Lighting Modes

The wireless charger lamp has 3 light modes and adjustable brightness, you only need three buttons to adjust the light to your preferred brightness and color, and you can always find a perfect lighting mode whether you are sleeping, reading even makeup.

Gentle On Your Eyes

The light is warm and soft, like the gentle moonlight that falls on the bough, reflects in the stream, and hangs over your window. Not only can it make your eyes feel good, but it also expresses a peaceful and harmonious night.

Friendly Note:

1. The wireless charging sensing distance is 2-6mm. When the phone is wirelessly charged, please do not install a phone case thicker than 5mm.

2. When charging wirelessly, do not place any metal or magnetic objects within 6cm of the center point of the back of the phone.

3. Charging at a lower temperature is faster, generally charging faster in the winter than in summer.