News: BYD blade battery or supply Tesla; Ideal ONE car map becomes the worst-hit area for complaints; BYD blade batteries or supply Tesla;

News: BYD blade battery or supply Tesla; Ideal ONE car map becomes the worst-hit area for complaints; BYD blade batteries or supply Tesla;

Mobile Phone Hardware

Mi Pad 5 series official announcement: released together with MIX 4 on August 10, supports stylus

Xiaomi officially announced today that the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Tablet 5 series will be unveiled together with Xiaomi MIX4 at the press conference on August 10.

Judging from its slogan “Dream of life, write by yourself” and posters, the Mi Tablet 5 series will support stylus pens, with right-angle frames or aluminum alloy frames.

It is reported that all three new Xiaomi tablets are now available on the network, including the Snapdragon 860 version (supporting 33W fast charging), and two Snapdragon 870+67W fast charging versions. The top models support 5G, and all three models use 2K. 120Hz LCD screen.

New Energy Vehicles

Ideal ONE car map becomes the worst-hit area for complaints: the network card will be disconnected, the experience is not as good as the mobile map

On May 25th, the 2021 Ideal ONE was officially launched, and the price was only a symbolic increase of 10,000 yuan. However, the technology configuration of the vehicle, especially the L2 assisted driving function, has greatly improved the software and hardware capabilities.
However, recently, with the increase of car owners, some car owners have discovered many problems with the new ideal ONE, which have affected the user experience.

Recently, many new Ideal ONE car owners have complained about car map problems in the Ideal APP community. Problems such as map invalidation and map misleading have emerged one after another, which directly affects the daily use of car owners.

According to the owner’s response, “the problem has not been resolved after the two updates of the system. No matter what direction you turn in the secondary navigation screen of AutoNavi Map, the direction indicator in the upper left corner is to turn right and not move.” “The map will fail after entering the tunnel”.

“After manually zooming out the map in the navigation, the original current route map mode cannot be restored automatically. It is not as good as the map navigation on the mobile phone.” Affect user experience”. There will even be a big bug in the map display error, turning the map to the left and displaying it to the right.

It is reported that the ideal ONE car map is currently being developed in cooperation with third-party suppliers AutoNavi, Tencent, etc., but there are currently many problems in matching software and hardware.

BYD blade batteries or supply Tesla

On August 6th, tonight, there are constant big news about new energy vehicles. One is that the White House and mainstream automakers both stated that the proportion of new energy vehicle sales within ten years will be close to 50%, and the other news comes from BYD.
It is reported that BYD is about to supply Tesla with “blade batteries” in the second quarter of next year, and Tesla models currently equipped with “blade batteries” have entered the C-sample test phase.


Xiaomi surpasses Samsung and Apple for the first time, ranking first in the global smartphone market share

News on August 6 Foreign media Neowin reported that in June this year, Chinese mobile phone brand Xiaomi surpassed Samsung and Apple for the first time to lead the global smartphone market.

According to the latest data from Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi occupies 17.1% of the market share, ranking first in the world. Samsung fell to second place with 15.7% share, and Apple ranked third with 14.3% share.

SMIC: FinFET technology has reached production, 15,000 pieces per month

Last night, SMIC released its second-quarter financial report. The sales revenue for the second quarter of 2021 was US$1.34 billion, a year-on-year increase of 43.2%. Gross profit in the second quarter was US$405 million, an increase of 62.9% year-on-year.

This morning, Zhao Haijun, the co-CEO of SMIC, said in the second quarter conference call, “Our FinFET process has reached production, with 15,000 pieces per month, diversified customers, and different product platforms have been introduced. (This part) Production capacity is in short supply, and customers keep coming in.”

At present, TSMC and Samsung both use FinFET structures in the 5nm/7nm process segment, but there are differences in the choice of transistor structure for the next-generation 3nm process. Samsung chose to use the GAA structure, while TSMC chose to continue to use FinFET technology in the first-generation 3nm process due to robustness considerations.

Recently, Samsung’s foundry has taped out 3nm chips based on the gate-all-around (GAA) transistor architecture, and manufactured MBCFETs (multi-bridge channel field effect transistors) by using Nanosheets, which can significantly enhance transistor performance and mainly replace FinFET transistors. Technology. Charlie Bae, Samsung’s executive vice president and director of foundry sales and marketing, said: “The next-generation process node (3nm) based on the GAA structure will enable Samsung to take the lead in opening a new smart connected world while strengthening our technological leadership.”

According to analysis, 2nm may be the technology node for the full transition from FinFET structure to GAA structure. After experiencing Planar FET and FinFET, the transistor structure will transition to the GAAFET structure as a whole. According to the International Device and System Roadmap (IRDS) plan, the FinFET structure will be gradually replaced by the GAA structure after 2021-2022.

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