How to judge a market when selecting products?

How to judge a market when selecting products?

The selection of products is important because the difficulty of trading each project is different.

The first purpose of product selection is to choose market space and to choose categories that are enough to make money.

The second is to make up for the lack of operational capabilities, because to do a good job in a category, the required capabilities are too subdivided and in-depth, why not choose a product that can be shipped relatively on the shelf?

Therefore, in some cases, it is inevitable that choosing a direction is more important than hard work.

However, choosing a direction does not mean that operational capabilities are not important. Naturally, some people can do the same product, but most people cannot do it. Where is this difference? It belongs to another system branch, so I won’t discuss it here. What it assesses is not the ability to select products, but the ability to layout and trade.

Back to the topic, choose products, what did you choose to the end?

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In the selection process, I believe everyone will encounter that the selected product cannot bring effect, or the selected product is asked no one buys it, or there are various problems.

In the final analysis, we have paid too little for the market, demand, and understanding of buyers. Even after a series of data selection, we have no confidence in the selected product. We just have a result that is not true or false. The conclusion of the direction is only, we are selling data, not products.

If you operate a really good product, you can directly see the results.

There are two abilities involved here, one is perception and certainty at the demand level, and the other is at the operational skill level. The two complement and interact with each other.

There are many ways to select products, including data selection, hot-selling selection, cultural selection, information selection, hobby selection, resource selection, and so on. Today, the analysis is mainly focused on data selection.

I have seen more or less selection techniques on the market, no matter how complicated the selection techniques are, how tall they are. In fact, it is all about measuring those few dimensions, and the focus is only on the two dimensions of demand and competition.

1. Look at demand (market capacity)

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When choosing a market, we first look at market capacity, that is, the total demand of a certain category of market in a cycle (usually a year), that is, the maximum total demand that this market can accommodate in a cycle.

There is no fixed standard for measuring the total demand. I personally use the following metrics to assess market capacity.

Measurable indicators of market capacity:

1. Keyword search index

2. Category search index

3. Visit Scale Index

4. Inquiry size index

5. Inquiry

6. Order volume

7. Sales volume

8. Sales amount

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2. Look at competition (degree of competition)

2.1 Number of merchants

2.2 Number of competing products

2.3 Competitive disassembly of each subdivision dimension

  • Analysis of subdivision attribute requirements
  • Segmented demand trends and cyclical laws
  • Selling point price analysis
  • Analysis of product advantages and disadvantages
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of characteristics of market segments
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