Apple confirms new monitors can be used on non-Mac systems, but performance is partially limited

Apple confirms new monitors can be used on non-Mac systems, but performance is partially limited

Apple has confirmed to MacRumous that the new Studio Display will be able to work on non-macOS devices, but some key features of the display will be absent compared to when working on a Mac, and the experience will be better when working on a Mac .

Features that require macOS, such as True Tone, will not work when connected to a PC. When connected to a non-macOS device, the webcam will also work like a normal webcam. The newly added Center Stage requires a macOS system.

Also, features that require firmware updates won’t work on non-macOS. In addition, Apple also said that the screen resolution of the Studio Display will depend on the system, and the resolution on non-macOS systems will be lower than that of non-macOS systems.

The Studio Display is a new display launched by Apple at this week’s spring online conference, starting at $1,599, with optional configurations up to $2,299. The display is 27 inches in size and has a similar design to Apple’s previous Pro Display XDR, but the former has a larger bezel and a back without the classic Apple LOGO pattern. The Studio Display is equipped with the A13 Bionic chip once used in iPhones. Apple claims the chip will enhance the display in terms of audio and video. With Apple’s new Center Stage, Spatial Audio, True Tone, etc., it can provide consumers with a better audio-visual experience. The display will be available with Mac Studio on March 18.

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